Saturday, January 31, 2015

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks

So Anastasia's liquid lippies launched on their official site on January 7th and I had to just jump in and immediately order four colors. I limited myself to four because I couldn't decide on only one or two, but I didn't have enough money for more than four. I got Pure Hollywood, Neon Coral, Sad Girl, and Potion. I was able to use Anastasia's 10% off code for signing up for an online account with them. The code is "WELCOME10", but it only will work once for initially signing up and logging in, so be sure to order all of the shades you want, if possible.

These lippies apply very smoothly onto my lips and the applicator doesn't get too much product on it. These guys take around a whole minute to dry on me, so I try to just not move my mouth while it dries, especially avoiding pressing my lips together so as not to make it go patchy.

Anyway, I'm loving these so far. They're definitely not completely pro with no con, but I honestly don't think any lip product truly is. I'll list pros and cons (in my opinion/experience) right here and will go into detail after:

  • Very smooth application
  • No need to re-dip for the shades I have (except maybe for Neon Coral) 
  • More play time before drying to get it perfect
  • Very long wearing
  • Reapplies smoothly over itself without caking
  • Feels like nothing on the lips
  • Feels fully matte without drying my lips out
  • Doesn't feel too thick or heavy if I layer a gloss over top (though, that will obviously take all matte properties away from the product)
  • Breaks up from eating anything oily (common with most lip products, really)
  • Transfers a little bit onto straws, cups, etc.
  • Has less product than some similar products, like KVD Everlasting Love or Pretty Zombie Cosmetics liquid lipsticks
  • Short shelf life according to the product label (only 6 months, but use your own discretion)

Now, in my opinion, these potential cons don't outweigh the pros whatsoever. I'll take a little bit of transfer on my drinking straw and having to reapply after eating if it means I'm wearing the same gorgeous color all day without having to completely remove it to reapply or having to worry about my lips drying up like they do with Lime Crime Velvetines after a few hours, especially in colder weather. These puppies feel like I'm wearing nothing at all on my lips, which, I think, are comparable to the feeling of Kat Von D Everlasting Love lippies. In my experience, the KVD ones feel just a hair lighter.

On my lips, these have been lasting from 7-10 hours depending on what I've been eating or drinking. As long as my lips weren't dry before applying, they don't make my lips any more dry. Liquid lipsticks in general are the kind of product where it's crucial to moisturize beforehand. 

Onto some lip swatches! 

Pure Hollywood
Pure Hollywood is a very nice beige nude with some peachy-pink tones. It looks super pretty when first applied (as shown above), but it does start to look dry after a few hours, or after eating. This is the only shade out of these four I have that actually feels drying after only those first few hours. 

Neon Coral
Neon Coral is a beautiful, bright, neon light orange. It's exactly what I've been looking for for a long time: a bright orange that's not too light, not too peachy, not too dark, and with no excessive red tones. It's the hardest of the four to apply evenly. I find that swirling the wand inside the tube to mix the product before applying helps it go on more evenly without streaks. This color looks absolutely perfect paired with MAC's Grand Pumpkin lipglass (from the Simpsons collection).

Sad Girl 
Sad Girl is so gorgeous in person! It's a nice, deep burgundy sort of a wine shade with little pink glitters in it, but it still dries down to a matte texture like all of the others.

Potion is a very dark neutral-to-warm toned purple. From a distance, it looks almost black, so it's definitely a statement dark lip color. This one takes a little bit more effort to get fully opaque, but it's a really fun color, even if it's not the kind of shade a ton of people are rushing out to get.

So, all in all, I'd recommend trying these out for sure. I'm not planning to build a huge collection of these, but I do want maybe one or two more colors. These do claim to have a short shelf life on their packaging, though, so I may wait until spring or summer to get any more.

These liquid lipsticks retail for $20 each and can be purchased on Anastasia's official site or at Macy's Impulse stores. Anasasia Beverly Hills does not test on animals.

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