Saturday, August 22, 2015

Nyx Intense Butter Glosses and High Voltage Lipsticks

I'm super late on this review as I bought all of these months ago when they were new for the spring season, but I figured I'd review them anyway for anyone out in the interwebs who've never tried them and were thinking about doing so.

Nyx Intense Butter Glosses are described on their site as having the same scent and texture as the original Butter Glosses, but with even more color payoff.

Berry Strudel is described as a "violet with a blue undertone," which I'd agree with. It's a bright purple that doesn't have any pink or red tones so it's a purple tent to gravitate towards. The lighting in my apartment is slightly yellow, which did make my swatch appear slightly pink-toned. It applies nicely, but it's not as opaque as the other two shades I have with only one layer. I'm not a big gloss lover, so I pretty much never do more than one layer.

Berry Strudel
Chocolate Crêpe is described as a "deep beige." On me, it's a deep neutral brownish color with some warm tones. It's not brown enough to be called a straight-up brown. I really like these darker neutral shades on myself. It's definitely opaque all in one layer and feels comfortable on the lips throughout wear.

Chocolate Crêpe
Tres Leches is described as a "nude". It's a light-to-medium beige shade with some pinkish tones. Very pretty neutral color and just as comfy as the other two.

Tres Leches

I'll probably sound biased in reviewing these glosses just because I don't wear gloss often. That being said, I do find these very comfortable to wear and they don't feel too thick or goopy in one layer, which is all I ever wear. Layering more than that on feels too thick for my preferences. These glosses are also not sticky at all once they're settled onto the lips, but they do start to feel tacky if the product wears or is blotted off.

Intense Butter Glosses retail for $6 each (8mL/0.27oz of product) on Nyx's website and are also sold at Ulta and probably other stores like Target or similar, where they may go on sale. Ulta does BOGO half off all the time with Nyx stuff.

Nyx High Voltage Lipsticks claim to give a "vibrant color with a super-rich finish." The ones I have are all highly pigmented and apply really smoothly and easily. They don't have very good lasting power at all, but it's a trade-off since they're so smooth and moisturizing. The product general reapplies well over itself (I'll mention otherwise for individual shades).

Flutter Kisses is described as a "soft pink mauve," which it indeed is. It's pretty similar to my lip color but still looks like I'm wearing something so I like wearing it on days when I'm not wearing much makeup at all for a little something. It applies smoothly and doesn't feel thick or settle into my fine lines.

Flutter Kisses
Beam is described as a "pink peach with blue undertone." It's a bright, peachy-pink-almost-coralish color with some subtle silver glitters. This one is thicker than the other shades I have and it settles into my fine lines. If I rub my lips together, I can feel the glitters.

Stone is described as a "beige". It's a neutral-to-cool toned beige on me that's a bit darker than my skin tone. This one is smooth, not too thick or heavy, and fades fairly quickly in a few hours, but reapplies fine.

Play Date is described as a "bright lavender." On me, it's a cool, almost grey-toned lavender and I love it! I wore it constantly all late winter and spring. It's pretty unique and so comfy to wear. I love the color enough that I don't care about having to reapply a few times throughout the day.

Play Date

Free Spirit is described as a "clean orange." It's definitely a straight-up orange, which makes me happy because a lot of orange shades I find in drugstores are more orange-red. This is the thinnest and longest-wearing out of all the shades I have. It's a beautiful, bright, legit orange and I'm happy to have found one for such a good price because it's not a color I wear all the time.

Free Spirit

High Voltage Lipsticks retail for $6 each (2.5g/0.09oz of product) on Nyx's site or at Ulta, maybe Target, etc. These are definitely a better value in terms of product quantity compared to ColourPop lippie stix (which are $5 each for only 1g) and are slightly less good of a value than Nyx's tube lipsticks like the Matte or Butter lipsticks.

Nyx does not test on animals, but I have seen animal-derived ingredients listed in their products, including the High Voltage lipsticks, which have beeswax in them.

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