Sunday, January 24, 2016

Some New Nyx Products from Early 2016

I haven't actually been watching Nyx quite as closely as I was last year, but I happened to notice some photos of their new products on the official Nyx Instagram account and got pretty excited. I wanted to grab a good handful of things, but could only afford to start with four lip products for the time being.

I got two new shades of their matte lipstick, which I already have a few of that I like, a Full Throttle lipstick, and a Lip Lingerie liquid-to-matte.

Nyx matte lipstick "Up the Bass"
 Up the Bass is described as a "grey purple." It's a beautiful, greyed-kinda-mauve-ish, deep purple and it's a color I've been looking for for a long time. I'm really happy to have something in this color now. The formula is pretty much exactly like the other matte lipsticks from Nyx that I have (Butter, Eurotrash, and Maison). It's very creamy to apply, but transfers very easily and almost looks more satin-like in finish than a true matte.

Nyx matte lipstick "Haze"
Haze is described as a "grey". On me, I think it's a fairly neutral grey, almost warm in some lights, but never looks bluish like several other grey lipsticks out there do (like their new Double Dare shade or Melt Space Cake). I love the color, but this one felt more emollient than all of the other matte lipsticks I have from Nyx. It's not as slippery as their Wicked Lippies, but it has a harder time staying on than Up the Bass and it transfers off more easily since it doesn't stick that well to my lips. I'll have to try with a lip primer to see if that helps.

Full Throttle lipstick "Lethal Kiss"
Lethal Kiss is the shade I got to try of the new Full Throttle lipstick. I really like this hot pink color. It shows up brighter in person than my photo. This lipstick applies pretty easily and it claims to have a "waterproof" finish. I don't think I'd be wearing this to the pool, but I will say it's more matte than the matte lipsticks and is thinner. It feels like I'm wearing nothing on the lips. This lipstick also has great longevity. I wore this one for several hours and had very little inner lip fading and nearly no transfer, though it did make my lips look dry and cracked toward the end of wearing. Note about this lipstick: It's a slim style bullet similar to their High Voltage line, but more firm and matte to apply. I've worn this one four time and the bullet has already broken off of the base. :(

Lip Lingerie "Embellishment"
Embellishment is described as a |"muted purple," though I'd describe it more as a mauve-like shade than a purple. I had my doubts about this product because I've heard very mixed feedback about Nyx's Liquid Suede line, which I haven't tried, but I love this lipstick! It applies easily with the flattened, doe-foot applicator and it dries down all the way to a dry, transfer-proof matte finish. This one does have that kind of drying feeling like most liquid lipsticks do, but it's definitely not as dry as the ColourPop Ultra-Mattes. I accidentally fell asleep with this one on ( <_< ) and woke up with it still intact except feeling super dry since I'm a snorer. I definitely want to grab another shade or two of this product. I really recommend if you like liquid-to-mattes.

So, overall, I'm still pretty excited about these new products. I want to get Honeymoon from the Lip Lingerie as well as another shade or two of the Full Throttle lipstick, even though mine broke.

Matte lipsticks retail for $6 on Nyx's site and contain 0.16oz (4.5g) of product.
Full Throttle lipsticks retail for $7 and contain 0.08oz (2.4g) of product.
Lip Lingerie retail for $7 and contain 0.13oz (4mL) of product.

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